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installation, video on CRT monitor, printed text, wooden furniture, 2015

the following text is printed in white on black on 11x16cm cardstocks that visitors can take away.

The horizon seems warmer than usual. Again, a flag mast incessantly tries to imitate the sound of a clock but can’t get rid of its randomness. One, two rodents that might know better what time means, and the feeling of a sun on the surface of the skin. Those tiny rocks are permanently jumping inside my wheel. It happened just after we crossed the dead peach-skin tree, on the cliff. Then, rewind and turn left. I can see the ferry from where I stand and I imagine I can hear its sounds from the inside. At this particular moment, or maybe the one that came just after, I noticed the movement of my thoughts and the shifting of my sight were out of sync.

‘Boat Leaving’ is about the act of watching a landscape, how this action influences the way of thinking, how a landscape is always fragmented and interrupted by words, and how every subjective sensation and thought build a bigger mental image together. It is about the impossibility of a fission between the inner-landscape and the subject of the gaze.

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